wedding in Selangor

Wedding will be the most memorable event in the life. Everyone wants to have unforgettable wedding. There are many ways that can be done. One of the best ways is by choosing the wedding location. If you want to hold your wedding party in Selangor, Malaysia, you need to know the best locations there. Selangor is one of the states in Malaysia. There are many locations that are recommended for your wedding in Selangor. So, you need to know the following locations.

Indoor Wedding in Selangor

Firstly, you have to decide whether you will hold a wedding indoor or outdoor. Let’s discuss the indoor first. Indoor wedding will create the elegance. With many beautiful decorations, your indoor wedding in Selangor will be very great. Besides that, it will also create a luxury impression. Indoor wedding is usually more formal than the outdoor one. With luxurious wedding, it will be a good idea of wedding in Selangor.

There are many places that can be used for your wedding in Selangor with indoor wedding. One of the best locations is Palace of the Golden Horses. It is one of the most popular and best hotels in Asia. That is why it can be a good recommendation for your wedding location. It creates a traditional nuance but very elegant. Besides that, you can also consider holing a wedding at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel. It is one of the five star hotels there. You will be impressed with the lush landscapes and a fountain. They also offer various menus package like Chinese, Western, Italian, and Malay.

Outdoor Wedding in Selangor

Another one is outdoor wedding. Outdoor wedding will be more natural. With outdoor view, it will be very natural. Besides that, it will also be more romantic. You can choose wedding garden and feel the romantic nuance in your wedding in Selangor. In addition, Outdoor wedding will also be more impressing and unforgettable. That is why you should consider this.

There are many locations that you can choose for your wedding is Selangor with outdoor wedding. The first option is Puri Buana Garden Wedding. With traditional nuance, it is recommended for your garden wedding in Selangor. Besides that, you can also consider holding your wedding in Lemah Kayangan. It has modern nuance and looks very elegant. Equatorial Bangi Hotel can also be a good idea. It will be a good outdoor wedding location that is appropriate for formal wedding. And there are still many other locations. Hopefully those will be a good reference.

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