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One of the most important preparations in wedding is the site. There are many sites that you can choose for your wedding party. However, it will cost much. There are many people who spend much money only for renting a building for their wedding. In fact, there are many other needs that you have to fulfill after getting married. That is why you cannot spend too much money for choosing the site. Actually, you can get it inexpensive if you know the tips. So, I will share the tips to get wedding site in cheap.

Hold the Wedding at the Bride’s House

Most people prefer holding their wedding in a building. The bad thing is that you need to rent it. Of course, it will not be cheap. The price will be various depending on the building size, location, luxury, etc. So, why do not you hold your wedding at your bride’s house? Of course, it will save much money. In some country, the bride’s house commonly becomes the wedding venue. So, you can also follow this tip to save money in getting wedding site.

Do Not Hold a Wedding in the Weekend

If you want to hold your wedding at a building, you need to rent it. However, it does not mean that you cannot get in cheap. The renting price is usually different between the weekdays and the weekends. Of course, it will be much more expensive in the weekend. So, it will be better if you hold your wedding in the weekday. So, you can rent the building much less expensive. It is an effective way to rent the wedding site in cheap.

Choose One Wedding Site

Some people prefer choosing the different sites between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. If you also apply this, you need to rent two different buildings. Of course, you need to spend more money. For example, you hold your wedding ceremony at a hall and you choose a restaurant as your wedding site for the reception. Of course, it will not be effective and efficient. So, choosing one wedding site is the better idea.

Hold a Wedding in the Morning

Lastly, it will be better for you to hold a wedding in the morning. Wherever your wedding site takes place, it will be better in the morning because you only need to serve lunch for your wedding guests. It will be much more expensive if you hold in the evening because you need to serve dinner for the guests that certainly much more expensive.

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 wedding site